Support me and Zenit

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Hello friends. Most likely you already know that I am working on creating a framework Zenit. Read more about it at blog post and on project site. Together with Zenit I participate in the competition “Digital Generation” by Google. My project went to the last stage of the competition (Top 27 from more than 440 projects).

And now your support is very important to me. All you need is to vote for my project from your Google account. Enough for this:

  1. go to reference
  2. to push “+1 ″ button

Thank you in advance. I also invite you to further discussion of some issues. Click “Further“.


Reducing bloat

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Complexity in our designs is often inevitable. Sometimes, it is even necessary. When working with any client, there will always be a level of complexity that we will try to reduce, be it the number of menu items, the content or anything else that seems too confusing or not understandable.


We build consistency and interconnection in our design.

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Hello friends. We took too long a break in the “Design School for Developers” series. It's time to catch up on what we are going to do in the near future. One of the key elements of the composition is understanding how to build consistency in your projects and how to display the relationship between each of the elements on the page.


ZENit Beta Testing

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Hello friends! Perhaps you did not read my post with some news, where I said that I did the ZENit CSS framework. It is very important for me to draw your attention to this framework, since ZENit is what I live now. In this post I will talk about the relevance of my project, as detailed as possible.


Flat-Superheroes by Jeffrey Rau

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If you like minimal design or superheroes (and who doesn't?), You should like this gallery “Flat-Superheroes”! A fan of comic books, Geoffrey Rau, a graphic artist from Lincoln, Nebraska, recently released an impressive collection of illustrations superheroes, made in the spirit of minimalism and flat-design.

Popular characters from the Avengers, Justice League, Fantastic Four, and even Hellboy. See all of them:


Animated menu around the edges of the page

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The other day I saw a good menu concept on the UI8 website. CreativeDash implemented this concept, which is great, and I immediately had a few ideas for effects related to border animation. Today I want to show you how to create something like this and present some more inspirational examples.

In this lesson we will look at the 2nd demonstration, where the menu icon is in the upper left corner and the menu is located on the left side.