Oil Painting – тема WordPress

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Hello friends! Here is my new Theme for WordPress - Oil Painting. More precisely updated. I have already done from one template and published on the blog. But then I was not an experienced developer for WP, and it was not quite right. No, on the contrary, it was not at all correct. But I liked its design and I decided to redo it. I had to start everything from scratch. Found the same template, turned it over, now he has become “rubber, and made a WP theme out of it.

Theme for WordPress - Oil Painting


My new free WordPress theme - Responsive Fusion

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Hello friends! The other day I already let it slipThat will soon post their new WordPress theme. Although it was not done the other day, but last week in an article about another wordpress theme. I started developing it back in International Women's Day, and finished the 14th on Thursday. All because of problems with localization. But I have overcome all the problems, so she is ready for download and use!


Theme for WordPress 3.6 - Twenty Thirteen

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Hello friends! I suggest you find out today what the standard blog will be like. WordPress 3.6. Of course until the next version of the most used content management systems, but the theme of 2013 can already be downloaded with the latest version of WP, that is, with 3.5.1. But it does not come with an update (if I'm not mistaken). But is it worth it to download the latest version of WP in the size of 6 MB with a tail, when the themeTwenty Thirteen the size of 270 KB. The difference on the face. Therefore, read this article to the end, where I will give a direct link to a new topic from WP Commands.


Services and files for spring 2013

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Hello friends. The end of the last month of winter has come, which means that today I am sharing with you a selection of useful services and files according to our monthly tradition. I decided to put an archive with icons in this collection, since with online tools this month was a bit tight. And what are the icons read at the end of the article