How I spent this summer

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Hello friends! For a long time there was no news from me. The first school week of the last academic year for me has already passed. And I still have not summed up the summer. It's time to do it. In this article, you will find several news, a report on the summer and new goals, a review of services that I have not conducted for a long time.


Olivier from the news

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Hey guys! Today, on the first summer day, it should be a very extensive post. It will include a lot of information on different topics and all mixed up. Here is what will be included in this article:

  1. The results of blogging for 8 months
  2. Summer goals
  3. News
  4. Monthly tradition

Half a year to the blog!

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Hello friends! I came home an hour ago and just now got around to the blog. Today in the morning I was in Samara with classmates and children from parallel 10th grades on a tour of the universities. If it were not for the university I am going to enroll in, I sent all this to hell. Oh post, then about the other, and now to the topic of recording. So it has been 6 months since the day the first article was written on We must make a small report!