SEO trends in 2014

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Since its creation in 1998, Google has been growing non-stop, and every year new algorithms are being created that improve your searches. But for those who swim in the turbulent ocean of search engine optimization, new search methods can leave their website or blog in a dark corner of the Internet. In this article, you are waiting for SEO trends that will help you stay on top of SEO in the new year.


Lenovo G500s Review

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Hello friends. On my technical blog, we have never seen a review of iron. And now the time has come for X: I decided to finally tell you about my workhorse, which I bought myself 2 months ago. Since I am an adherent of OpenSource and UNIX, I don’t need much to be happy. Therefore, my choice fell on a budget laptop Lenovo G500s.


WildGuppy - brightness control

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The brightness of the screen greatly affects the convenience of working at the computer: because of the incorrect brightness of the screen, your eyes can get tired faster. WildGuppy automatically adjusts the brightness of the laptop using your webcam, using it as a light sensor.


Mac OS X Pack (MBuntu) для Ubuntu 13.10

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Hi, linuksoidy! Tomorrow is Christian Christmas, with which I congratulate you. And today we will look at Mac OS X Pack (MBuntu), which allows you to convert the appearance of Ubuntu and Linux Mint systems, adapted to their latest versions (Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy / Linux Mint 16), and should also work on previous versions of the OS. Many people download from the Internet and install GNU / Linux distributions that look like Mac OS X (for example, Macbuntu 13.10 / Mac4lin). But the main advantage of our solution is that you can easily bring everything back and you will not have problems with updating the OS, because based off. Ubuntu, not handicraft. Also, this transformation method does not consume unnecessarily memory / CPU / and other resources.


Обзор elementary OS Luna

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Hello friends! Recently, a computer geek, a designer, and the 5th point for searching adventure to the lastdecent for the distribution of GNU / Linux. Despite successful experience using ubuntu 13.04, the designer wanted something in the design of the workspace and attempts to find a decent topic for GTK showed elementaryOS popularity among designers, and the computer geek says: “Well, let's try. Ubuntu will share the space at the root of the file system, and swap and user files will be shared. ” On that and decided.


XAMPP - Local server for Linux. Installation and Setup

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Well, finally, I figured out the main headache for me - I found an excellent local server for Linux. And in this tutorial we will look at installing and configuring XAMPP 1.8.2 in Ubuntu. XAMPP stands for

  • X (implied as a cross and means cross-platform server)
  • Apache HTTP Server
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Perl

This is the easiest method to install an Apache web server with MySQL, PHP and Perl. Xampp includes all the necessary things in web development in one package.


GIMP theme 'Flat'

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Hello friends! The movement of flat design is evolving. Flat design is now used not only in web design, but also in application interfaces. Do you use the GIMP graphic editor and love minimalism, like me? If so, you should know and use the Flat theme for GIMP.


Virtual Machines on Mac OS X

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Hello friends. Today there will be an unusual article related to computers. I came across one interesting article about OS X - “relative” Ubuntuand decided to translate it. I think more than one article about OS X will appear on my blog, especially when I finally become the owner of a Macbook Pro, or iMac, or Mac Pro. It's about virtual machines. They are a great way to experiment with a new operating system, test a new software, or allow a child to play and examine a computer without losing the necessary data. In this tutorial, I will explain what a virtual machine is, the reasons for using it, how to choose the best software for virtualizing your needs, and what things you can run in a virtual machine under Mac OS X.