Tag Cloud with sliding counters

Published by | 31.05.2013 | Wordpress | Comments (10)

Hello friends! In this lesson, as I promised Eugene and all readers of my blog on web design, I will tell you how my tag cloud works in the basement of the site. More precisely, I will give you a demonstration of this effect in three colors and a self-written WordPress widget with installation instructions.


Digital navigation through pages in WordPress

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In most WordPress themes, developers insert links to previous and new posts at the bottom of the page. However, on most sites running WordPress uses numeric pagination, like WEB-NUGGET. Based on my experience, this pagination is more convenient for users and search engines. In this tutorial, I will show you how to add numeric pagination to a WordPress theme.


Oil Painting – тема WordPress

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Hello friends! Here is my new Theme for WordPress - Oil Painting. More precisely updated. I have already done from one template and published on the blog. But then I was not an experienced developer for WP, and it was not quite right. No, on the contrary, it was not at all correct. But I liked its design and I decided to redo it. I had to start everything from scratch. Found the same template, turned it over, now he has become “rubber, and made a WP theme out of it.

Theme for WordPress - Oil Painting


How to add categories and tags for WordPress pages

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Hi again! This is the second note of the day! The first was an article today about how to remove comments for the pages of kinok in WordPress. There, by the way, an update appeared, check in if you watched it 2 hours ago. I think this is a good pace :-)! And again we will talk about WordPress. This short note will be devoted to adding categories and tags to a page in WordPress.


How to remove comments for the pages of cinema in WordPress

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Hello friends! Today we will talk again about WordPress. The fact is that for each downloaded media file in WordPress a separate page is created, as for and posts. But the style of these pages is taken from the default file. single.php and a comment form is added to them. I think this is not very good, because there you can spam! Direct exposure through WordPress settings can not remove comments from there. But I know a few hacks that will help us!


Stunning WordPress Search Form

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Hello friends! I have not written on the blog for a long time. The thing is that access to the Internet was limited (I use a modem) and for the entire past week I was left with almost no Internet. He wrote only one article about favicon and that, just by the fact that he wrote it in school on computer science. Well, okay, today I will talk about how to improve the search form for WordPress.