Create a “rubber” price list with hover effects

Published by | 25.04.2013 | Design | Comments (2)

Hello friends! Today we will continue our story about responsive design. Price tables (or price lists) are very often added to different templates and designs. If you want to create any design, you will have to make them too. But there is one problem - the table is difficult to make rubber. The solution to this problem we will consider in this lesson.


Adaptive navigation on pure CSS

Published by | 03.02.2013 | Design | Comments (4)

Most recently, I discovered a new technique for getting an adaptive menu without using JavaScript and jQuery. It uses pure and semantic HTML5 code. In this menu, there will be an indicator of the activity of the menu item (the current item will be marked in difference from the others) and the switch works with the help of a pseudo class hover. Performance tested on all desktop and mobile browsers, including Internet Explorer!