HTML5 and JavaScript Fireworks

Published by | 03.05.2013 | Koding | Comments (5)

Hi guys! I came across a very cool script with which you can make fireworks on the site. Just have time for the holiday of Victory! And it works on the HTML5 element - canvas and JavaScript. And I will share with you only the code with an explanation in the comments (in the code)


HTML5 Week - Embedded Content

Published by | 28.03.2013 | Koding | Comments (2)

Hello friends! I invite you to plunge back into learning HTML5. Today we will consider third-party content and how it can be embedded into an HTML page. If it seems to you that this is something new for you, then I hasten to disappoint you. You, and me, do this very often, since one of the embedded content options is images. And third-party it does not mean that someone else, just it is in a separate file, and inserted on the page with a special code.