HTML5 and JavaScript Fireworks

Published by | 03.05.2013 | Koding | Comments (5)

Hi guys! I came across a very cool script with which you can make fireworks on the site. Just have time for the holiday of Victory! And it works on the HTML5 element - canvas and JavaScript. And I will share with you only the code with an explanation in the comments (in the code)


HTML5 Week - Special Tricks

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Greetings to you, dear friends, in the last lesson of the “Week of the HTML5 ″ series. In the final lesson, I'll show you special tricks on CSS and JavaScript for HTML5. We’ll talk about older browsers and work with forms a little more.


HTML5 Week - Forms - Part 1

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Hello friends! In this tutorial series, we will look at HTML5 innovations that will make it easier for you to work with forms. Well, remember how many forms you have already completed this day? Now think how much you fill them before the end of the day? Without a doubt, you are unlikely to spend one day on the Internet without completing a single form. We interact with them all the time: the entrance to the administrative zone of the site, social networks, search in Google and Yandex, these are just a few examples of your daily use of forms. So why not make them better on the site, so that visitors are more comfortable on the site. Let's get down to modernizing the forms!


HTML5 Week - Embedded Content

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Hello friends! I invite you to plunge back into learning HTML5. Today we will consider third-party content and how it can be embedded into an HTML page. If it seems to you that this is something new for you, then I hasten to disappoint you. You, and me, do this very often, since one of the embedded content options is images. And third-party it does not mean that someone else, just it is in a separate file, and inserted on the page with a special code.


HTML5 Week - Ases

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Hello friends! It just so happened that my holidays started and the HTML lessons section is one of the most empty. In principle, one can say that these are two incompatible things and how they can coincide, but in addition to everything else I want to fill the rubric with lessons. And so on the “spring” vacation I spend “HTML5 Week ″, during which I will be telling the innovations of the new version of the hypertext markup language. And we will start today from the very beginning!