Animated menu around the edges of the page

Published by | 16.10.2013 | Design | Comments (1)

The other day I saw a good menu concept on the UI8 website. CreativeDash implemented this concept, which is great, and I immediately had a few ideas for effects related to border animation. Today I want to show you how to create something like this and present some more inspirational examples.

In this lesson we will look at the 2nd demonstration, where the menu icon is in the upper left corner and the menu is located on the left side.


Styling bread crumbs on CSS3

Published by | 26.04.2013 | Design | Comments (7)

Hello friends. Navigating in the form of bread crumbs helps website visitors to navigate the hierarchical structure of documents and find a way to the top level. Today I would like to touch upon the problem of bread crumbs stylization. Because many design options have some inconvenience.


Create an Accordion on jQuery

Published by | 14.02.2013 | Koding | Comments (2)

Hello friends! The theme of creating an accordion is already a few jaded on my site: we made an accordion on CSS and also did it on the jQuery UI library. But still I decided to give out another accordion menu script. With it, the hidden menu will pop out when you click on the open icon, and not by clicking on the menu item itself.


Adaptive navigation on pure CSS

Published by | 03.02.2013 | Design | Comments (4)

Most recently, I discovered a new technique for getting an adaptive menu without using JavaScript and jQuery. It uses pure and semantic HTML5 code. In this menu, there will be an indicator of the activity of the menu item (the current item will be marked in difference from the others) and the switch works with the help of a pseudo class hover. Performance tested on all desktop and mobile browsers, including Internet Explorer!


Lava Lamp effect on CSS

Published by | 23.01.2013 | Design | Comments (2)

This time we will make a sliding menu effect, known as an effect. Lavalampmade in javascript and jquery. And we will create this effect from scratch on pure CSS. The article describes three simple examples (first of all, do not forget to watch the demonstration).