Creating snippets for code editors

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Now that we have chosen the editor, set it up, installed the plugin necessary for the layout, it remains to supplement our editors with our own code snippets to suit our needs. Thus, we will facilitate our work by getting rid of the procedure of tedious code re-entry.


Encode faster with Emmet!

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In this tutorial, we will talk about the most popular plugin for code editors - Emmet, previously known as Zen Coding. Back in 2009, the online magazine Smashing Magazine was published article by Sergey Chikuyonkathat changed the way you write HTML and CSS code. Over the years, a huge number of developers have begun to use the Zen Coding plugin, the development of which is reaching a new level.


Which code editor is the best?

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Hi guys! With this post I give a start to a new series of lessons on - “Coding with Convenience”. For us, web developers and web designers, choosing a code editor is never easy. In my example, I went through 6-7 editors, until I stopped at three that I use to this day. Now code editors are more and more customizable for a more convenient developer view. But this does not answer the question - which editor is the best? I present you an overview of the most popular code editors.