Sketch your design

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In the previous lessons of the series, we figured out the content and now we’ve got to the point where you can start thinking about real design. But do not immediately jump over the computer and open Photoshop or Gimp. If you communicate with the designers, most of them will tell you that they plan most of their workflow with any ideas that come to mind.


Explore your design project

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When working on any project on the Internet, you should always start with research. To be honest, you can do a little or a lot of research (it depends on your desire), but I believe that research will only benefit you when you start your project.


Design project planning

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Before you begin to impose, there are a few things you need to know about. These additional steps will help you ultimately when you really begin to dive into web design for your next project. Although these tasks will take you some time at the beginning of the project, but if they are solved during design, they will take more time.


Welcome to the “Design School for Developers”

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Friends, “Design School for Developers” - This is a new series of lessons on, aimed at helping developers (or just people interested in developing designs for websites to people), to understand more about the methods and solutions used in design.

You can be a developer who is used to working with other designers and wants to gain a deeper understanding of the design as a whole, or you can be a developer who wants or needs to work on your own projects and would like to learn how to better design a website. In any case, by the end of this series of lessons you will be armed with a huge amount of knowledge that you can put into practice in your project.