We define and consider colors

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When designing for any medium — not just on the Internet — how you will use color in your designs affects how this design will be perceived and understood. It is important to remember that color brings out emotions (good and bad) in people and in culture.

If you spent good research phase, you need to understand your target audience and how color affects it. Then you can create a website design that looks and feels through the clever use of color.


Authentic design

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Recently, the popular interface in the “flat” style is not just a trend (as we have already seen). This is a manifestation of the desire for greater authenticity in design, the desire to curb the visual excess and eliminate all unnecessary.

In the 19th century, the production of ornaments led to the mass distribution of over-decorated goods. Something similar happened in recent years, when technology allowed designers to create interfaces rich in skeuomorphic and stylistic excesses.


Useful services for web designer

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Hey guys! With some delay, I wrote a series of 4 articles on the selection and configuration of some code editors, the series is temporarily “frozen” and will continue. And so I late publish the next monthly review of services. Today I will tell you where a web designer can get inspiration and graphics for designs for free.


HTML and CSS tutorials

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Hello friends. It is time to talk about the basics of web design. I do not consider it necessary to create my own video courses or books on this topic, since there are already a lot of good educational materials. I will share them in this short article.


Accordion on CSS

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Hello friends. I remember I had an unsuccessful attempt to create an accordion on CSS. Then he worked only when you hover on an element, and not by clicking on it. But now, inspired by the results of my lessons:CSS stopwatch и Replacing the “select” element with CSSI was able to carry out my idea. All done in the "flat" style, which you can read in recent article “Flat Web Design: Trend or Revolution?”.


Flat web design: trend or revolution?

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So often, new solutions to problems penetrate our lives and work habits. The reason for this may be a change in personal preferences, new technologies, or simply a desire to follow trends and fashion. A recent new habit in web design has become a flat approach to it. The flat design describes a 2D construction on a 2D screen. Let's reflect on the flat design in this article.


Icon set “Black & Red”

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16 icons for the webmaster in red and black colors. The set includes 16 icons in 3 sizes (28x28, 64x64, 265x265) + psd-source, which opens up opportunities for the expansion of the kit and any modification for their own needs.