Using the form on this page you can contact me.

So here are some topics you can contact me:

  1. If you have found an interesting lesson on the English-language Internet and want to receive its Russian version, then select a topic. “Lesson Translation”, and in the message itself, describe what the lesson is (what result it gives) and a link to it
  2. If you run your website on WordPress and have a problem with it or want to get development advice in WordPress, then refer to “Help with a WordPress site”
  3. There are different contests on my site, if you are among the winners, then select a topic "Competition" and write in the message, what is asked in the article about the closing of the competition
  4. If you want to get a back link from my site, then refer to the topic "Advertising", in the message, describe the advertising option that is acceptable to you. I will consider everything
  5. And finally, if none of the above situations do not suit you, but you think that I can help you, then write a letter with the subject “Other” and describe your question, I will try to answer it

I also check mail almost every day (it happens several times a day), so the answer will not take long.

Contact !!!