3D effects for hover thumbnails

Published by | 04.12.2012 | Koding | Comments (2)

Hello. Today I want to show you how to create exciting 3D effects when hovering over thumbnails using CSS3 and jQuery. This effect will look cool on photoblogs.
If the demos hover the mouse over the thumbnail, you will see more information. We will create a structure with jQuery, so the image will look folded or curved when we hover over it. For effects, we will use CSS3 transforms. Therefore, the result of this lesson will only work correctly in browsers that support the appropriate CSS properties.


Create a sitemap (sitemap.xml)

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Hello friends. I congratulate everyone on the coming winter. I recently had snow (not the first). True, today's rain has spoiled almost everything. But the main thing is snow, but the year before last it was not until the end of December. In general, I congratulate everyone once again on the onset of winter and let's move on to the lesson.


Create CNC for WordPress

Published by | 26.11.2012 | Wordpress | Comments (0)

Hello! Today I will tell you how I did CNC (Human Understanding URL) on my blog.

Many bloggers use a plugin for this purpose. Rus-to-year. But in my opinion it is not convenient. Because the plugin redoes the Cyrillic alphabet into Latin only with new articles, and the old ones will have to redo it yourself.


Using the .htaccess file

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Although the file .htaccess (pronounced EychTiAkses) has a long and strange extension, it is a simple text file that is modified in a text editor. In this article we will look at how .htaccess can be used in your projects.