SEO trends in 2014

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Since its creation in 1998, Google has been growing non-stop, and every year new algorithms are being created that improve your searches. But for those who swim in the turbulent ocean of search engine optimization, new search methods can leave their website or blog in a dark corner of the Internet. In this article, you are waiting for SEO trends that will help you stay on top of SEO in the new year.


Lenovo G500s Review

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Hello friends. On my technical blog, we have never seen a review of iron. And now the time has come for X: I decided to finally tell you about my workhorse, which I bought myself 2 months ago. Since I am an adherent of OpenSource and UNIX, I don’t need much to be happy. Therefore, my choice fell on a budget laptop Lenovo G500s.


Test your knowledge of site building

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Hello beginners, and perhaps already quite experienced webmasters. Do you already know the basics of site building? So test yourself with these tests. For those who have long been engaged in the creation and development of sites tests do not seem very difficult, but still! Perhaps you will learn something new by going through them.


WildGuppy - brightness control

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The brightness of the screen greatly affects the convenience of working at the computer: because of the incorrect brightness of the screen, your eyes can get tired faster. WildGuppy automatically adjusts the brightness of the laptop using your webcam, using it as a light sensor.


ZENit Beta Testing

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Hello friends! Perhaps you did not read my post with some news, where I said that I did the ZENit CSS framework. It is very important for me to draw your attention to this framework, since ZENit is what I live now. In this post I will talk about the relevance of my project, as detailed as possible.