“Putting a website on a diet”- this is a practical guide from more than 25 tipsthat will help speed up your sites. Forget about using any caching plugins! In some cases, they play against you! And this guide presents excellent tips, proven in practice. These tips use the largest sites of the world wide web, such as: Google, Twitter, Actually, the staff of these companies and revealed to us all the cards to accelerate sites with only one purpose -make the internet fast for everyone!

At design change I was afraid of my blog that it would load too slowly, but after I applied several techniques from this manual, all my fears were dispelled. And my blog is loading in 5-10 seconds. That's it, let's not waste any more time, let's speed up your websites! And this practical guide will help you!


Alexander: Konstantin, thank you very much for the book! I read it with pleasure. This manual is very convenient, since it can be safely put on the desktop and constantly use it. You managed to put together all the most necessary tips combined in one place. The material is presented on the principle of "Brevity - the sister of talent." I love it.


Format: PDF
The size: 3 Mb
Pages: 25

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